20 Controversial Duggar Quotes That Totally Freaked People Out

It's almost funny that a family who famously doesn't even kiss or full-on body hug before getting married would be mired in so much controversy. But maybe it's precisely because of the Duggar's ultra-conservative and Christian beliefs that they have been at the center of Internet rage over some of their controversial comments. Seriously, they have infuriated people more than a few times. 


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With their pretty extreme views, how they raise their family, and just how they go about pretty much anything, there are plenty of people who don't agree with the things this family does ... or says. 

And those critics definitely aren't afraid to let their opinions known -- that's for sure.

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But, no matter how much people don't quite agree with them, we have to admit that they are pretty entertaining to watch. And we think you'll agree after reading through these blurbs. Here are 12 controversial Duggar quotes that totally freaked people out. 

Which quote do you think would be considered the most scandalous?

Image via Duggarfam/Instagram