Kate Middleton's Baby Might Arrive Earlier Than We Expected

kate middleton

Hmm. Looks like we were wrong about Kate Middleton's due date after all. Since the Duchess announced her pregnancy in early September, it's been widely reported that she was going to give birth at the end of April. But now it looks like we could have all been off with the date. Not by much, but definitely off!


According to Hello magazine, artist Paul Cummins recently revealed that the Duchess was already pregnant when she visited his Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red art installation at the Tower of London on August 5. Cummins said: "Kate was not going to come as, though it had not been announced, she was already pregnant and suffering. But she insisted. It was her last public outing for a while."

If what Cummins is saying is true, that would put the Duchess' due date at the middle of April instead of the end. Like I said, not a huge difference, but earlier than we thought. And you know what that means? Royal Baby Watch Part Deux is about to take things up a notch now.

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It's hard not to feel bad for the Duchess, being that, with both of her pregnancies now, she's had horrible morning sickness and has had to come clean about being pregnant earlier than she would have liked. But if this calculation is correct, at least she didn't have to tell the world she was pregnant too much earlier than her first trimester.

Regardless of when Kate gives birth, it will be incredibly exciting. After all, the big thing we're all wondering about is whether she's having a boy or a girl. My money's on girl!

What do you think Kate is having?


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