Kendall Jenner Wears Her BFF's Naked Image on Her T-Shirt (PHOTO)

It's one thing to love your BFF. It's quite another to love her so much that you choose to walk around with an image of her naked bod on your T-shirt. But that's exactly what Kendall Jenner did when she posed in a Marc Jacobs shirt that boasts Gigi Hadid's naked torso, tummy, and partially covered breasts—for a good cause.


Jenner, Gigi, and Emily Ratajkowski stopped walking the New York City runways for a split second in order to meet and greet fans at a charity event held to celebrate LOVE Magazine's newest issue—also known as the issue in which Kendall straddles Cara Delevingne on the cover as the seasoned model holds her in her arms.

As part of an effort to raise money for AIDS research, designer Marc Jacobs collaborated with LOVE to create three T-shirts that feature each of the models. The shirt Kendall got to wear is, by far, the coolest because it featured Gigi's nude bod:

Adorable. And, I will say, a lot less scandalous than I thought it would be when I learned she was essentially serving as a great looking billboard for her best friend's nude upper body. Everything that is supposed to be covered is covered. Nothing to see here.

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A few lucky folks who attended the event got to snag one of only 100 of these shirts that were created.

I'm thrilled to see Kendall using her celebrity for the greater good of an important cause like this one. So far, I have nothing but positive thoughts about Kendall, who carries herself with grace, works hard, and gives back.

What do you think about Kendall's T-shirt? Would you wear a naked image of your friend for a good cause?


Image via thelovemagazine/Instagram

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