Jimmy Fallon Reads Funny 'Why I'm Single Tweets' (VIDEO)

If you're single on Valentine's Day, Jimmy Fallon is about to make you feel 100 percent better (not that you should be feeling anything less than wonderful today or any other day). The Tonight Show host is responsible for creating the most popular Twitter hash tag of the day: #WhyImSingle, which men and women have been using like crazy to explain their reasons for living very content existences without the hassle of love and all of the complications that go along with it. Fallon read some of their hilarious responses on last night's show. 


So, a bit about the hysteria this hash tag is causing on Twitter: the responses range from serious and you-need-a-hug heartbreaking:

To hilariously honest:

... and there are quite a few in between that focus on One Direction and boy bands:

Blame or credit Fallon for these and other tweets. The funny, and very much married, host paid homage to his single fans and viewers by reading some of their tweets on last night's show.

My personal favorite? One from actor Zach Braff explaining in one word why he's single: Netflix.

Check it out:

Why are you single?


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