Rumors of Benedict Cumberbatch's Valentine's Day Wedding Make Us Swoon

Expect a gazllion hearts to break all over the world today, and not because it's Valentine's Day. Heartthrob Benedict Cumberbatch is expected to officially become a married man, as it's rumored he will wed his pregnant girlfriend Sophie Hunter on the most romantic day of the year.


The 38-year-old Sherlock cutie and his gorgeous theatre director fiance are expected to tie the knot today on the Isle of Wight in England because, of course they would choose to get married in a breathtaking location on a sweet day because, you know, they're both perfect and talented and are going to have a perfect, beautiful wedding.

What may be surprising to some is that the couple only announced their engagement in November, with a very formal announcement in the Times of London newspaper. Three months isn't a very long time to plan a ginormous ceremony and party, so we're guessing theirs will be low-key and intimate.

Two months after they announced their engagement, we learned that Sophie is pregnant. We aren't exactly sure how far along she is—most speculate she will give birth in late spring/early summer—but it seems like the couple decided to move up their wedding from "early spring," which was their original plan, to, well, right this very moment.

I guess they figured, why wait? Especially given the very real possibility that they had wedding planners begging to take on their ceremony and that all they have to do is just show up and enjoy themselves.

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No word yet on their honeymoon plans but, whatever they are, they're going to be cut short. Benedict is up for a Best Actor Oscar for his role in The Imitation Game, which means we get to see these newlyweds all glammed up on the red carpet in just a few short weeks.


Are you surprised Benedict and Sophie are getting married so soon after their engagement?


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