Alyson Stoner Releases Missy Elliott Dance Tribute That Will Give You Flashbacks (VIDEO)

Alyson Stoner became a legend as a little girl when she appeared in several of Missy Elliott's videos. The now 21-year-old dancer, singer, and choreographer respectfully paid her mentor back by creating the most amazing dance tribute to Missy, proving she obviously learned from the best.


When Missy appeared out of nowhere during Katy Perry's Super Bowl halftime performance, most '90s girls thought, Well, hmm, that's interesting. About a second later, we—and the rest of the nation—were entranced for, like, the millionth time since the Grammy Award-winning rapper took the world by storm with hits like "Work It" and "One in a Million."

Stoner says she received thousands of tweets after Missy appeared in the Super Bowl, asking why she wasn't up there on stage with her. She says she decided to show the world what she had been up to by gathering several other young women who once danced in Missy's videos and creating this super-cool homage that features them breaking out a few classic Missy steps—as well as their own unique, new moves.

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Prepare to be dazzled:

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