Bobbi Kristina's Boyfriend Nick Gordon Says He Won't Fight to See Her

As Bobbi Kristina Brown continues to fight for her life at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, the one person she probably loves most in life has been banned from seeing her: her boyfriend Nick Gordon, whom she referred to as her "husband." But contrary to beliefs that Gordon is causing additional drama where none is needed, he claims he's doing the exact opposite.


In a statement released Thursday, Gordon's attorneys said he is absolutely NOT planning to take legal action in order to gain access to Brown at the hospital.

Which is for the best, if all of these stories we hear about Gordon clashing with Brown's family are true. The last thing anybody needs right now is to be stuck in a negative, toxic environment.

But before we go thinking Gordon is being the bigger person here, Brown's family says he has no right to complain in the first place because he hasn't even tried to visit his girlfriend—something Gordon's lawyer insists is untrue.

Gordon's people are also saying Brown's relatives have threatened to hurt him if he dares step foot in her hospital room. I don't know about you, but that might deter me from visiting, if I were him.

Whitney Houston's 21-year-old daughter reportedly remains on a ventilator after she was found face down and unconscious in her bathtub and was placed in a medically induced coma. Her family says she is doing far better than we all think—that she even opened her eyes. While we certainly hope the good news is true, doctors have yet to comment about her recovery.

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Further complicating matters, police say Brown suffered mysterious injuries that indicate foul play. Gordon is one of the people whom police are focusing on in the investigation, so we can also understand why he's not a favorite among Brown's relatives.

Pushing all this drama aside, we continue to hope for the best for Brown.

Do you think Gordon should be allowed to see Brown in the hospital?


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