Beyonce Is Mad at Jay Z for Keeping Kimye Too Close

Well, at least one person in the whole Kanye West/Kim Kardashian/Beyonce/Jay Z lovefest has some sense: Beyonce is reportedly not at all amused by Kanye's antics at the Grammy Awards and wants to put some distance between them for a very good, understandable reason.


In case you missed it, Kanye jumped up on stage after Beck beat Beyonce and a slew of other nominees to take home Album of the Year at this year's Grammys. He claimed he was just kidding when he attempted to re-create the embarrassing faux pas he made in 2009, when he rudely interrupted Taylor Swift's acceptance speech to insist Beyonce truly deserved the award.

Kanye's claim that he was just joking became highly questionable after he proceeded to complain to reporters after the show that Beck should give his award to Bey. Very classy.

It didn't help matters that wife Kim Kardashian posted a photo with friends John Legend and Chrissy Teigen that showed them reacting in a negative way to Beck's win.

So, what does Beyonce think of all this? Not much, apparently.

The singer has reportedly complained to Jay Z that his close relationship with Kanye is threatening to destroy their image. Since Kanye's outburst, Beyonce has been compared to Beck in countless articles, and the comparison doesn't always work in her favor, given how many writers and producers she reportedly has collaborating with her on her albums.

In addition to this unwanted and undeserved attention, the couple recently overcame divorce and cheating rumors. The last thing they need is to associate themselves with a celebrity who is becoming more known for his immature and disrespectful stunts than his enormous talent.

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We know Beyonce and Jay Z failed to show up to Kimye's wedding, and now we can't help but wonder if there was more behind their no-show than just a conflict in scheduling. We're pretty sure she's rolling her eyes big-time behind sunglasses every time she gets stuck sitting next to Kim at every event they attend.

Given the fact that Bey and Jay Z's people take great pains to ensure their public image is spotless, it doesn't help them to have a wild card like Kanye pulling all kinds of wild stunts without notice.

Do you think Beyonce will pull the plug on her friendship with Kim and Kanye?


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