North West's Epic Tantrum at Fashion Show Is Nothing Short of Priceless (PHOTOS)

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I have a weird confession to make: Up until today I wasn't entirely convinced that Kim Kardashian's daughter, North West, was a real baby (just as I'm sometimes not entirely convinced that Kim is a real woman). In every photo we've ever seen of the incredibly adorable tot, she's perfectly still and perfectly content to be in an adult environment, such as a fashion show or an airport. But now! Now I know this little doll is real, as North just threw a tantrum at daddy Kanye's fashion show. It's about time!


LOL! Apparently, as North was "waiting for the show to start," she started, well, acting like a toddler and grew fussy. And fussier. And fussier. And fussier. Until eventually, Kim had to get up and take her somewhere.

Here are some more pics just because:

According to reports, Anna Wintour, who was sitting next to Kim, was not amused, nor were a few other high fashion folk (supposedly, an editor at Elle said, "Couldn't they leave it backstage?").

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I feel kind of bad for Kim for having to deal with this when clearly she wanted to support her husband, but I actually feel worse for North. What 1-year-old wants to sit front row at a fashion show? She probably would have been much happier hanging at home, playing with her toys and napping.

North certainly doesn't live the typical toddler's life, but clearly she's a typical toddler after all. Poor girl!

What do you think of North's tantrum? Do you think Kim should have left her at home?


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