Bobbi Kristina Brown Was in a Car Accident Just 4 Days Before Being Hospitalized

As the authorities have been retracing the last steps of Bobbi Kristina Brown before she was found facedown in her bathtub on January 31, they uncovered some sad details. One of them is that Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown's daughter was in a car accident just four days before the event that put her on life support.


Bobbi Kristina has been in a medically induced coma for the last 13 days, with varying reports on her condition. One thing is clear though -- her life hangs in the balance, and while we hope for a miracle, the situation is dire.

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Considering the fact that she was found in a similar way to her mother, who died three years ago this month from an accidental drowning in a bathtub, and with her being so young at 21, some serious questions have been raised.

Which is why police have been trying to figure out the circumstances which led to her condition. They've been putting pieces of the puzzle together, especially considering that foul play may have been involved.

In what is likely an unrelated event, but worth noting, Bobbi Kristina was apparently in a car accident just four days before she wound up in the hospital in a coma. According to the Roswell Police Department, she lost control of her Jeep Liberty on January 27, and crossed lanes into oncoming traffic.

She hit one other vehicle. The driver of that car, along with the passenger in her own had to go to the hospital to have their injuries checked out.

It isn't the first time an incident with a vehicle has come to light since Bobbi Kristina was found. She also had a warrant for her arrest dismissed days after landing in a coma, for failing to appear for a "mandatory court appearance after being cited for operating a motor vehicle with expired tag registration."

Accidents happen of course, and there's nothing necessarily to connect the car accident with the bathtub incident, but as more and more details continue to emerge, maybe we'll be able to get a clearer picture of the events that led to this tragedy.

Do you think the accident report could be relevant to Bobbi Kristina's condition?


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