Kim Kardashian Ordered to Shut Up & Look Pretty by Kanye

Kim KardashianIf you saw Kanye West's rant at the Grammys about how Beck didn't deserve to win Album of the Year, you were probably taken aback by a couple of things: first, the sheer amount of douchebaggery that can come out of Kanye's mouth; and second, the deer-caught-in-the-headlights look of wife Kim Kardashian, who didn't seem like she knew how to react to Kanye's douchebaggery. But thanks to a source who blabbed to a gossip site, we now know why Kim kept quiet during his rant: Because Kanye has instructed Kim to shut up and look pretty on the red carpet.


A source told Naughty Gossip:

For some reason she thought she needed to speak. Kanye likes it better when she looks amazing and does not say a word. That won’t be happening again. Kim knows now that she is the face of the couple and he is the mouth.

Well, Kanye is the mouth, that's for sure. I don't know when Kim spoke at the Grammys, because she seemed utterly stunned and speechless when Kanye went on about Beck not being a true artist, but perhaps she dared to say something at some point. Perhaps she said "Excuse me" to someone or asked someone what time it was, which would have been totally out of order, at least according to Kanye.

Wow. We already knew he was controlling, but this controlling? If this bit of gossip is true, he's even worse than we thought. Sure, we suspected he's behind her style choices, her short haircut, and perhaps even her nude photos -- but is he also behind the fact that Kim has all the personality of a wax museum figure these days?

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If he's really telling her to shut up and look pretty, this isn't a caring husband, this is an emotional abuser. Let's hope this gossip is exaggerated or not true at all.

The look plastered on Kim's face as Kanye rants into the microphone just about says it all. It says, "What the hell have I done?!"


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