Helena Bonham Carter New Naked Ad Is Fishy (PHOTO)

Female celebrities know that, if they want to get their message across—especially if it has anything to do with animal rights—they're going to need to show some skin. Actress Helena Bonham Carter had a serious fish phobia, but for the love of aquatic life, she agreed to get naked and roll around with a tuna. But believe it or not, that's not the only thing that seems a little off about this endeavor.


The cause is a good one: Helena supports the Blue Marine Foundation's efforts to encourage the government to invest in the creation of more marine reserves where fish can be safe from industrial fishing.

As PETA celebrity supporters have showed us, time and time again, there is something powerful about the image of a naked person (usually a woman) cradling an animal. I'm guessing the thought it evokes is that endangered animals are as vulnerable as we are when we shed our clothing.

It isn't surprising that Carter appears nude in the ad. And I will add: the Cinderella actress looks fantastic. She also obviously conquered her fear of fish by posing with this 27kg Bigeye tuna.

Now, I have absolutely no proof that this fish is dead, but ... does anyone else assume it might be, considering how Carter is not in a tank of water and the tuna is probably under hot lights? If this tuna is in a better place, isn't the message they're trying to get across a little lost?

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Like a lot of folks, I'm immune to celebrity nudity at this point, but it might have been a little more effective had Carter posed in the tuna's natural habitat and not in a studio.

Then again, maybe a special fish handler raced the fish back and forth from water to Carter's bare breasts? Let's hope.

What do you think of this ad?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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