Celebrity Calls Bruce Jenner 'Ms. Jenner' -- Too Soon? (VIDEO)

Bruce JennerSo now that we're all pretty certain Bruce Jenner is transitioning to female, what do we call him? I don't mean do we call him "Belinda" or some other name, we'll let him tell us what his new name is; I mean do we use feminine pronouns? Well, one celebrity has decided that's exactly what she's going to do.


Patricia Arquette, who has a transgender sister named Alexis, has more insight than most people do about these things, and in an interview with Meredith Vieira, she refers to Bruce as "her," "she," and even "Ms. Jenner"! She told Meredith:

If Ms. Jenner is transitioning, I give all my support to her and love and appreciate everything she has given to America and her bravery, because she is fighting a fight for a lot of kids that are being kicked out of their own homes—society turns their back on these kids. It’s really brutal.

Woah, woah, Nellie! I appreciate the Boyhood star's willingness to call Bruce by the proper pronoun; however, considering that Bruce himself hasn't even responded to any of these rumors (and that is what they officially still are), isn't it jumping the gun a bit to be calling him "Ms. Jenner"?

Okay, maybe this makes Arquette braver than most. She is articulating what most of us are still wary about doing. But it's a complex thing. No wonder the Kardashians cancelled their press for the latest season of KUWTK. They probably didn't know what to call Bruce!

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I was even called out on Twitter for continuing to refer to Bruce as a man; however, until I hear it from Bruce's mouth that he is a woman, I will continue to refer to him as a man.

That doesn't mean that his choice isn't being respected; it means it's also his choice to decide when to make an official announcement.

But we can't hold this against Ms. Arquette, she is just trying to be supportive.

How do you refer to Bruce?

Image via Clint Brewer/Splash News

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