Taylor Swift Wins Us Over Yet Again With Epic Breakup Advice

Taylor Swift breakup advice

Somewhere along the way, Taylor Swift snuck up on me like a ninja. A ninja wearing all black, in the dead of night, in a moonless forest, while I was blindfolded. It was unexpected, is what I’m saying, that I would fall in love with her, and yet here I am, crushing on her hardcore for her latest bout of adorableness.


I know it’s an unlikely pairing: she’s young and world-famous and 50 feet tall, I’m a frumpy 40-something suburban mom of two. But first she started winning me over with her goony self-deprecation and branding savvy (Miss Lonelyhearts knows how to sell albums, yo), and then she came out with 1989, which I’ve been playing non-stop at top volume for MONTHS ON END. Every song on that damn thing is pure magic, and I don’t know how she did it, but I never want her to stop. Like, ever.

She even charmed me when she came up with a special cutesy term for the way she creeps on her fans. Taylor Swift, will you Taylurk on me sometime? I WOULD NEVER WASH MY HAIR AGAIN.

Anyway! What I actually came here to tell you about is this story of her reaching out to a lovelorn fan on Tumblr. Yes: Taylor Swift, giant celebrity, A-lister with a million things to do starting with whatever all-consuming dental routine she adheres to in order to make those perky teeth of hers sparkle like tiny mouth-unicorns, jumped online in order to share her breakup advice — which is predictably awesome, by the way — and then she posted a SPECIAL BREAKUP PLAYLIST.

Here’s what Tumblr user “nevergooutofstyle” wrote to Taylor, and her response:


I mean, COME ON. I love it. I love her. And now I’ve got to go listen to this Tay-Tay-approved list of “moving on songs”:

Have you joined the I Never-Saw-It-Coming Taylor Swift Fan Club yet? Come on in, I saved you a seat. We’re going to do our nails and dance to “Shake It Off” and practice creating that oh-so-perfect red lip.


Image via TaylorSwift.com

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