Kate Middleton Reveals a Hidden Talent No One Would Expect

kate middleton

Who knew? The Duchess has a hidden talent! While paying a private visit to a children's hospital on Tuesday, Kate Middleton played the ukulele! Yep! Apparently, the Duchess was a three-time ukulele champion during her years at St. Andrews University. Just kidding. No, but Kate really did just play the ukulele -- adorable!


Apparently, at one point during her 90-minute visit to the Bethlem and Maudsley Hospital School in Kent, the Duchess met with a young boy who showed her how to strum a few chords on the ukulele. Headteacher John Ivens said of the Duchess' playing, "She kept up with them. There's a career there."

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Obviously, the Duchess isn't going to quit her day job and become a professional ukulele player, but it's incredibly sweet that she went ahead and did this -- particularly when there weren't any cameras rolling. I'm sure the kids and the staff were thrilled to see the future Queen of England attempting to make music from a tiny little instrument. 

In the next few weeks, Kate will likely kick her appearances and royal duties up a notch in an effort to pack them in before baby number two arrives. Hopefully, during that time, we'll be privy to more adorable stories like this. So cute!

What do you think of the Duchess playing the ukulele?


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