​Jon Stewart Retires From 'The Daily Show' & Rumors Fly About What He'll Do Next (VIDEO)

Fans of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart were shocked to learn the 52-year-old is retiring from the show when his contract expires in September. Stewart served as the show's host for 17 years and elevated it from what it once was—a light-hearted, mock news program—to a respected and often controversial, but still hilarious, real news program. And now some believe Stewart's next move is going to raise a few eyebrows.


So you know how NBC news anchor Brian Williams was recently caught lying about his experiences covering the war in Iraq? Yeah, pretty shameful stuff for a well-respected journalist. Well, we learned he has been suspended without pay for six months, but rumor has it another, far worse punishment might be headed his way.

And this is where Stewart comes in. Some are saying his retirement and the Williams scandal aren't coincidental—that Stewart is slated to take over for Williams as NBC's news anchor.

Before we get carried away here, we should keep in mind that Stewart has said he has "a lot of ideas," but that he is simply restless and ready to move on from The Daily Show. Also, it's impossible to say what will happen six months from now, when both Stewart's contract is almost up and Williams' suspension is over. The public may prove to be forgiving when it comes to Williams—we do have an awfully short memory when it comes to charismatic figures (cough, cough, Bill Clinton).

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Despite his comedic background, I feel Stewart would be a worthy replacement for Williams, assuming NBC is even considering replacing him. Neither Stewart nor Williams studied journalism in college—Williams even famously dropped out of The George Washington University before graduating—and both proved that the best learning experiences are acquired on the job.

Over the years, Stewart has interviewed everyone from Barack Obama to Angelina Jolie. He can chat up the best of them and seems to have integrity and honesty in spades.

I guess we'll have to wait patiently to see if there really is any truth behind this rumor.

Here's a clip of Stewart announcing his decision:

Do you think Jon Stewart would be a good replacement for Brian Williams?

Image via The Daily Show/Twitter

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