10 Celebrities Who've Been Accused of Gold Digging (PHOTOS)

Now that he's no longer pulling in big bucks as a sparkly vampire, Robert Pattinson's earnings have greatly diminished, but that reportedly hasn't stopped him and girlfriend FKA Twigs from "living like A-listers on a C-lister's salary."


In fact, people close to the couple have called out the 27-year-old singer -- whose music career, while promising, is hardly as lucrative as RPattz's -- as being a "gold digger" who "knows how to work men" and is trying to spend every last penny the Twilight star has.

Whether true or not, FKA would hardly be the first in Hollywood to have earned such a reputation. Here are nine more celebrities who've been accused of being a gold digger.

Do you think any of these celebrities are gold diggers?


Image via INFphoto.com

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