Kendall Jenner's Rumored New Boyfriend Is Someone She Knows All Too Well

Kendall Jenner

Trying to keep track of the romantic lives of the Kardashian-Jenner women is a full-time job, but it appears as though one of the younger members of the bunch might be getting pretty cozy with someone very familiar with her famous family.


Kendall Jenner is reportedly dating longtime pal Alfredo Flores, an aspiring director who is in Justin Bieber's inner circle (you can catch him in the Biebs' documentary Believe).

Supposedly the pair went from friends to coupledom after Alfredo arranged an intimate dinner and a private exhibition at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art displaying his favorite photos of Kendall, which both sounds wildly romantic and kinda stalker-ish.

A source tells Heat magazine:

Kendall and Alf have always been good friends, so while they only started dating recently, meeting the family was no big deal -- Kanye even wants to work on some projects with him.

Well if Kanye wants to work with him, you know this guy has the official seal of approval. Wonder if he's really "artistic" enough for Yeezy?

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Personally I think dating a guy you've been friends with for a while is great, especially if you're in Kendall's shoes and have a constant media circus surrounding you. On the other hand, this group seems awfully incestuous. Do we really think Justin Bieber hangs out with quality peeps? I have doubts. Many, many doubts.

Kendall and Alfredo are expected to attend the over-hyped Coachella Music Festival together in April, so perhaps this will wind up being a lasting relationship. Hey, you never know.

Do you think Kendall and Alfredo are a good match?

Images via kendalljenner/Instagram; alfredoflores/Instagram

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