Khloe Kardashian Posts World's Most Vulgar Instagram About Kim's Naked Body​

khloe kardashian

One of the things we love about Khloe Kardashian is how candid she is. But her latest Instagram? Sweet Jesus, it's a little too candid. Khloe posted a naked pic of Kim (from her Love magazine shoot), along with one of the most vulgar captions ever. Just ... no, Khloe. 


I mean, come on. I don't consider myself a prude, but this really is a little much. It's just so ... explicit. Khloe clearly wasn't the one who created this meme, but she obviously liked it enough to repost it. 

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On the one hand, Khloe's probably having a little fun with Kim's photo -- I mean, the picture is a little odd and certainly evokes, well, a certain image. But on the other, gah! It's so vulgar. Even plenty of Khloe's loyal followers seem to agree! What was she thinking in posting this? This is taking TMI to new, super uncomfy levels. 

Kim is bound to get a lot of crap about her Love photos -- I mean, they're some of her most risque. But it probably would have been in better taste if Khloe, I don't know, made fun of her sis in a less graphic way. This is just too much. Even for you, Khloe.

Thoughts on Khloe's Instagram photo?


Images via Khloe Kardashian/Instagram 

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