Kim Kardashian Falls Out of Tiny Sports Bra in Sub-Degree Weather (PHOTO)

kim kardashian

Sometimes, I honestly think Kim Kardashian intentionally wears utterly ridiculous outfits as her own form of weird amusement. I mean, when you're that rich and famous, what else could possibly keep you so entertained? On Monday, Kim was seen in New York City wearing the most insane outfit I may have ever laid mine eyes on. Check it out. (Note: It was about 12 degrees in New York this day.)


kim kardashian

Kim is an insanely beautiful woman, but what is this? I hate to be Sally Snarkenstein, but I truly don't understand this outfit. Her hair, makeup, and boobs look fantastic, but ... it looks like she's wearing an ill-fitting sports bra. Also, aren't you freezing, Kim?! I know you are! How do you manage to not look it?!

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Between this, her Grammys dress, and her Grammy brunch outfit, Kim obviously is going through some sort of fashion metamorphosis. Not too long ago, she mentioned that she and Kanye were culling her wardrobe and that they were conceptualizing new fashion looks for her -- clearly, she wasn't kidding. Not sure whose work this outfit is, but sorry, guys, not feeling it. (I know you care what I think, right?)

I truly don't know how Kim still manages to shock and amaze after all the exposure she gets already. It's damn impressive, that's for sure. Then again, who are we kidding? We'd probably be talking about her if she were out and about in a turtleneck and jeans.

What do you think of Kim's outfit?


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