'Sports Illustrated' Takes Dehumanizing Women to Revolting Low This Year (PHOTO)

Just in case you thought that the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition already did enough to objectify and dehumanize women, this edition does even more. The cover features 24-year-old Hannah Davis, pulling down her bikini bottoms so far below her pubic region that most online sites are cropping the bottom out. Retailers have even been asked by The National Center on Sexual Exploitation to cover the cover, which is considered "pornographic" by many.


Believe it or not, there was a time when the SI Swimsuit Edition was considered revolutionary and feminist. It showed "real girls" -- ones who ran, jumped, played, got their hair wet, and had a few curves and some muscle, as opposed to the anemic, rail-thin, walking clothes hangers of the runway.

But SIWE has become just another outlet to market unrealistic Barbie-doll-like images with ultra-flat bellies and melon-like breasts. Nobody looks like these women. Not even the women themselves, who are ruthlessly nipped and tucked via Photoshop until not one molecule of reality remains.

Hannah Davis

But Hannah Davis' cover takes this dehumanizing of the female form even further. She's not just airbrushed to the point where she looks like a mannequin, she's got her bikini bottom pulled down so far, you can practically see her crotch -- and her crotch appears to be that of a 3-year-old.

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No bumps, no lumps, and for god's sake, no hair. In fact, she has nothing there, just like Barbie. What on Earth will men do upon confronted with a real vagina -- one that's hairy, or prickly, one that has a rich, funky aroma, or a deeply-colored clitoris. Do they know these things bleed every month and push out babies? Do they know they exist?! They probably think there's a slab of plastic down there.

I actually feel sorry for men nowadays. While women are still somewhat prepared for what an actual real life man looks like without his clothes on, guys must be in for a teeth-shattering shock when they undress a female and don't see washboard abs, boobs that defy gravity, and honeyed skin without one pock mark, stretch mark, freckle or mole, or dab of dimpled cellulite.

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SISE thinks it's doing us a big favor by adding a plus-sized model and some athletes to the mix this year, but they single-handedly erased that goodwill by putting a fake woman with a Marilyn Monroe chest and a toddler vagina on the cover.

What do you think of the cover?

Image via Sports Illustrated

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