Iggy Azalea vs. Papa John's: 1 Clear Winner Emerges in Twitter Feud

In this history of celebrity Twitter battles, there have been many of epic proportions -- think Brandi Glanville vs. LeAnn Rimes, One Direction vs. The Wanted, Justin Bieber vs. The Black Keys' Patrick Carney -- but few have felt as lame as the latest involving Iggy Azalea and the Papa ... Papa John's that is.


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Yes, friends, the latest Twitter feud involves one Iggy against corporate pizza giant Papa John's. And, no, it's not because they failed to include more of that delicious garlic sauce of theirs with her order.

It appears as though a meddling pizza deliverer offered up the pop star's phone number to anyone who cared to use it after dropping off an order at her home. This didn't make Iggy happy, and I can't say I blame her.

The way Papa John's handled it in response didn't exactly help things.

Yeah, needless to say, she wasn't amused by the reference to her song "Bounce."

As I've mentioned, the Aussie rapper has every right to be upset, and no one should have their private information made public like that, including celebs, but doesn't she have people who can take care of the legalities of this for her? Is social media really the way to go here?

Frankly, the best part of the entire Twitter exchange was when DiGiorno piped in with this:

Now there's a social media manager who deserves a raise!

But seriously Iggy, next time leave the legal stuff to the people you or your management surely have on retainer and don't waste your time tweeting at companies that are just going to get publicity from your situation.

Now let me go heat up a DiGiorno.

What's the craziest celebrity Twitter feud in recent memory?

Image via Peter Kramer/NBC

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