Kate Middleton Turns Living Situation Upside Down for Baby Number 2

kate middleton

Kate Middleton is one lucky lady. And not just because she's tall, beautiful, thin, rich, and married to a prince who's as dashing as he is charming. No, it would be unfair if her great fortune ended there. Kate Middleton is lucky because her mother is moving into her Anmer Hall residence to help out with royal baby number two once he or she arrives. Talk about an accommodating parent. 


According to reports, Carole Middleton, AKA the royal baby whisperer, is all set and ready to pack up the moment her eldest daughter goes into labor. Instead of having the Duke and Duchess shack up with them this time around, Mama M. will be staying with them in their country home, which is on Queen Elizabeth's Sandringham estate. Supposedly, the Queen is none too pleased with this new living arrangement, but the source that's reporting this is Celebrity Dirty Laundry, so do with that what you will. 

Personally, I think Kate is smart to have her mom come to her instead of the other way around. Not only will she not have to pack everything up and stay in a place that isn't technically hers, George will be in the comfort of his own home. The little dude is going to have enough changes to deal with with a new baby; no need to pull him out of his house as well. 

Kate's mom sounds like an incredibly kind lady. It's no wonder the Duchess wants her around as soon as she gives birth. And hey, not a bad set-up for Carole either. Sure, she may be up all night with a crying baby, but she'll be staying on the Queen's estate. There certainly are worse places to be at 3 in the morning. 

Do you think the Queen cares that Carole is staying with Will and Kate?

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