Katy Perry Delivers Powerful Relationship Message at Grammys

Katy PerryIf you were surprised to see President Obama show up in the middle of the 57th Grammy Awards tonight, no, you did not need to adjust your television set. Obama filmed a PSA about rape and domestic violence that segued into a spoken-word piece about domestic violence and then Katy Perry's new song, "By the Grace of God."


Obama spoke out about rape and domestic violence against women, saying, "It's not okay, and it's wrong." Which is kinda obvious, but hey, if it was that obvious, it wouldn't be happening, right?

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Then a performance artist named Brooke Axtell, who is also a domestic violence survivor, read her powerful piece about her own experience. "My empathy was used against me," she said, describing her own time in a violent relationship.

Soon, Katy was behind her in a long flowing white gown and cape, no dancing sharks in sight (except on Twitter, where they popped up in memes of her performance -- of course!), only shadows playing on the white wall behind her. Katy takes on Taylor Swift's forte of singing about her exes, and she seems to be speaking directly to Russell Brand in this one, since the song was written after their divorce. Wow, sounds like Katy was suicidal after it. But she sings that she "decided to stay" because she won't "let love take me out that way."

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Dang, Katy! No man is worth that!

Brooke told Slate about the song: "I think it’s clear from the song that she is choosing to perform that she has had an experience in her life where she felt very devastated by a relationship."

It's unclear if Katy was involved with domestic violence, but emotional abuse can be just as bad! Who knows what happened there, but glad Katy was able to survive it.

Anyway, it was an interesting and powerful divergence from the usual Grammy glitz and glamour. And, yes, everyone did notice that Chris Brown was in the audience.

What did you think of Katy's performance? Do you think Obama's message was powerful or distracting?

Image via Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images Entertainment

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