Khloe Kardashian's Half-Naked Photo of Scott Disick Is Seriously Uncalled For

khloe kardashian

Just when you thought Khloe Kardashian and Scott Disick's relationship couldn't get any weirder, Khloe goes and posts a photo of a shirtless Scott. Nope, nothing odd about that at all. I always hang out in my bathrobe with my sister's half-clothed baby daddy. What? Doesn't everyone?


... Or not. Check out Khloe's weird Instagram pic:

Good morning @kendalljenner

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Yeah, yeah, yeah. Khloe and Scott are just cutesy friends, etc. I'm well-aware. But that's a mighty sultry face Khloe has on her head in this pic. Actually, same goes for Scott. It's Blue Steel all around in this shot. 

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From the caption, it seems like Khloe is (yet again) poking fun at the rumor that Scott hooked up with Kendall Jenner some time ago -- a rumor, I'm assuming, that Kendall would very much like to go away. It's great that Khloe has been so outspoken about the Scott/Kendall tryst being utter poppycock, but the more she brings it up, the more people are going to keep talking about it. And that's probably not what Kendall (or Kourtney) wants. 

I'll be the first one to admit: I thoroughly enjoy Khloe and Scott's relationship. They're highly amusing together and definitely have a special bond. But sometimes their relationship seems like it's gone a little too far. I mean, a shirtless pic of Scott super close to Khloe? Yikes, what can we expect next, guys?

Do you think Scott and Khloe are a little too close for komfort?

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