Kim Kardashian Debuts Haircut & Hottest Dress Yet at Pre-Grammy Brunch (PHOTO)

While stepdad Bruce Jenner is going through hell dealing with his involvement in a car crash that left one woman dead on Saturday, the show must go on for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, who attended a pre-Grammy brunch in California. Kim officially debuted her stunning new haircut—along with a bold red dress that you have to see to believe.


I haven't always been a fan of Kim's clothing, though I have to admit I've been warming up to the more avant garde choices she has been making since she met Kanye. Say what you will about him, maybe he's a control freak who has been selecting her outfits, though I doubt that's true. If this were my husband's style, I'd gladly let him lay out my clothes every morning while I sat back and enjoyed a second cup of coffee:

This ruby-red hue is STUNNING on Kim. It brings out her skintone and showcases her dark hair, in all its new, shoulder-length glory. What I love most here is that Kim opted for an accordian-plate skirt, which is super-hard to pull off if you aren't a stick. She doesn't give a flip that isn't a size 0, which makes her about a billion times more sexy.

And I'm also loving the unique Egyptian-style neckline and bold gold cuff bracelets. She pulls off Cleopatra better than any other young star out there.

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I applaud Kim for taking a brave step and either losing the hair extensions or cutting her hair (or maybe this gorgeous new look is a result of a little of both). She looks like a confident woman who is growing into her own style.

What do you think of Kim's haircut and outfit?


Images via Valerie Macon/Getty Images

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