LeAnn Rimes Takes a Cheap Shot at Katy Perry in Latest Mean Girl Tweet

LeAnn Rimes is pulling the classic Mean Girl move: the minute the spotlight isn't on her (did I say minute? I think I meant decade), she resorts to taking cheap shots at peers who are enjoying their moment decade in the sun. In this case, LeAnn decided to post a throwback photo of herself at the Grammy's along with a silly, unnecessary caption directed at Katy Perry.


Here's the photo LeAnn posted on Instagram, along with the caption: "Before @katyperry shot whipped cream from her cones, I had a pair of my own. #14 #whatwereyoudoingat14 #stillsurreal #goodlucktoallthisyearsnominees #momtoomanycurlsandtoomuchhairspray #flashbackfriday"

What she's saying is true. In 1997, LeAnn became the youngest person ever to win two Grammy Awards for Best New Artist and Best Female Country Vocal Performance. Hers was an amazing accomplishment. As a vocalist, she is truly gifted. No one has taken that away from her.

But does anyone else think there's something snarky and self-righteous about her caption, or am I just reading into it too much? As far as we know, Katy has never done anything to her and Katy has never proclaimed she is the best vocalist around. Katy is Katy.

She is no LeAnn Rimes, as far as vocal talent goes, but she has created a unique, tongue-in-cheek, and entertaining act. She makes people happy. Hell, you try watching This Is How We Do and not grinning like a clown at the sight of all of those technicolor desserts dancing across the screen. And, obviously, it's working. You don't score the Superbowl halftime show if it's not working.

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News flash, LeAnn: most 14-year-old's aren't scoring Grammy's or even able to spend more than a few hours away from their parents. You were an anomaly. Congratulations. Now, perhaps show you are a mature woman by having a little bit of grace and stepping aside so that others can enjoy their stardom.

Katy Perry is up for best pop vocal album for Prism. Honestly, I can probably name one song off the album, but I've never been crossing my fingers so hard that a pop star snag the Grammy. Then, maybe she can borrow Beyonce's award and pose with them up against her cones.

Do you think LeAnn was being a mean girl with this post?


Image via leannrimes/Instagram

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