Bobbi Kristina Brown's Family Fights Over Her Money​ as She Remains In Coma

I wish I had happy news to report about Bobbi Kristina Brown, but the 21-year-old remains hospitalized in a coma, as drama continues to unfold around her. After police recently revealed that Bobbi's injuries may indicate foul play, attention has turned toward her boyfriend, Nick Gordon, and Bobbi's family is reportedly scrambling to ensure he doesn't get a penny of her inheritance.


As we know, Gordon and Bobbi's friend Max Lomas reportedly discovered Bobbi face-down in her bathtub and most of us assumed she was, tragically, trying to connect with her late mother, Whitney Houston, is a heartbreaking way: by hurting herself in the same setting in which her mother was found unconscious three years ago.

But recent news has shifted the focus from self-harm to possible foul play, and Gordon is reportedly the number one suspect. For those who don't know much about this young man, he was reportedly taken in by Whitney when he and Bobbi were much younger. But the singer never adopted him so, despite her family's very public disgust over the nature of their relationship, Bobbi has always defended their union.

It's no secret that Bobbi's relatives aren't fans of Gordon—they even filed a restraining order against him. Now that there is a very real possibility that Bobbi may not pull through, her family is reportedly doing everything they can to make damn sure Gordon doesn't get his hands on a penny of Bobbi's fortune. As the sole heir to Whitney's estate, we're talking about a ludicrous amount of money: $20 million.

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Leading the fight against Gordon is Marion "Pat" Houston, the wife of Whitney's brother, who reportedly serves as the executor of the trust find the singer set up for her daughter. Houston has maintained that Gordon threatened her last year after she refused to increase Bobbi Kristina's monthly allowance.

Despite wearing wedding rings and referring to each other as "husband" and "wife," Bobbi and Gordon were not married, according to her attorneys. It remains to be seen whether his ability to actually inherit her money is a very real concern and, more importantly, whether he had anything to do with her serious injuries.

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