Jack White's Guacamole Recipe Published & Heads Are Rolling!

jack whiteI'm a big fan of Jack White, so I'd like to know everything about the guy. What kind of socks does he wear, what kind of soap he uses, what he likes to eat. And my dreams have finally come true. Sort of. Jack's tour rider was published by the University of Oklahoma and we learned all about Jack including his favorite guacamole recipe. Jack's pissed.


UO's school newspaper spilled all about White and his band's requests and showed the contract for his show at the college's McCasland Field House. In the document filled with cross-outs and write-ins, Jack requests no fluorescent or ultraviolet lights in the dressing room, and there must be a full length mirror and private bathroom. He's a man with the same requests I would have. The band wants juice smoothies. And there is a very specific recipe for guacamole, preferably served at 5 p.m. (See the rider, if you dare.)

I want to eat Jack White's guacamole!

Since the school is publicly funded, this info was available thanks to the Oklahoma Open Records Act, but -- as Jack pointed out -- that doesn't mean it should be published. It was reported that during the show, Jack said of the big rider/guacamole recipe reveal: "Just because you can type it on your computer doesn’t make it right."

Please don't be mad at me, Jack. I own a record player. I buy albums. Real vinyl. We are cut from the same cloth.

Jack's booking company, William Morris Endeavor Entertainment, was said to have blacklisted the University of Oklahoma over guacamolegate, but Jack's management Monotone Inc. said everything is cool and they would play there again, but they called the publishing of the rider "unfortunate" and "unprofessional." The guac recipe seems to be Lalo's, Jack's tour manager's. No one seems to know if Jack really likes or eats the guacamole. But I think we can all agree that everyone looks better in soft lighting. 

What do you think about the big to-do about guacamole gate?


Image via thirdmanrecordsofficial/Instagram

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