Bethenny Frankel's Throwback Photo Gives Crazy Peek Into Her Past

bethenny frankel

Okay, I consider myself to be somewhat of a Real Housewives/Bethenny Frankel connoisseur, but I had no idea about this. On Thursday, Bethenny posted a throwback photo of her and the cast of Saved by the Bell ... from when she worked on the show. Am I the only person who was unaware of this? Somebody get Andy Cohen on the phone.


Check out the pic:

Okay, so it isn't really the cast as much as it is Dustin Diamond and another employee of the Malibu Sands. (Any other SBTB fans out there? You know what I'm talking about.) But still! This is crazy!

Apparently, Bethenny wasn't on the show, but instead worked on it as a production assistant -- AKA, she got up at the crack of dawn every day to get coffee for the cast and pass scripts out (been there, Bethenny). The Skinnygirl founder brought up her old job to Mario Lopez when he was a guest on her now-cancelled talk show -- and Lopez remembered her! And he even admitted to having a crush on her! The actor said, "It's funny because you show that picture from Saved by the Bell and I'm like, 'I totally remember that!' Bethenny was so sweet and so cool with everybody, but I had a little crush on her!”

My mind is officially blown today. 

I love it when celebs share weird little tidbits like this on social media. But even more so, I love Bethenny's ridiculously ginormous sweatshirt and the scrunchie 'round her wrist. If that doesn't represent everything about the Saved By the Bell era, I'm not quite sure what does. 

Lookin' good, Bethenny!

Did you have any idea about this?

Image via Bethenny Frankel/Instagram

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