Kim Kardashian's Latest Naked Photo Has Us Officially Creeped Out

Kim KardashianHey look! Kim Kardashian is all sorts of naked again! I know, I know ... in other news, it's a day ending in "Y." Seriously though, why is Kanye West's wife so obsessed with being naked in magazines recently? There was that whole Paper spread, and the photos coming out from Love magazine seem to be even more explicit -- and a little creepy.


Here's the shot she shared on her Instagram, with the super classy caption, "Nothing butt Prada."

Nothing butt Prada

A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

What exactly is going on in this photo? Why is she face down and naked on a bare mattress but still wearing her shoes? She looks like she passed out from partying too hard, too far gone to obsess over little things like sheets or pajamas or even removing her footwear.

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And the whole thing has a voyeuristic quality to it that just screams "creepy" to us. Like we're spying on her from outside the window of her seedy motel room.

No one really seems to know why it's so hard for Kim K. to keep her clothes on these days, though she says she just wants to appreciate her body before she and Kanye get pregnant with a little brother or sister for North West. Maybe she just wants to be ready to go when Kanye gives her the eye and says, "Let's go make a baby"? Hard to say really.

Does this photo seem skeevy to you?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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