Chris Pratt & Chris Evans Follow Through on Super Bowl Bet & Become Real Heroes

Can someone please get Chris Pratt and Chris Evans "Dude of the Week" trophies? They both deserve one for their latest antics, which involved settling a Super Bowl bet in the best way possible -- Pratt dressed up like Star Lord and visited with sick kids and their families at Christopher's Haven in Boston.


Evans, who played Captain America, tagged along too, as Pratt made good on their bet over the Super Bowl and dressed up like his Guardians of the Galaxy character.

Pratt and Evans made a bet over which of their favored teams would win the big game -- Pratt was rooting for the Seattle Seahawks and Evans for the New England Patriots. The "loser" would have to dress up as their superhero and visit a charity of the winner's choice.

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Evans' choice of charity was Christopher's Haven, which is close to his Sudbury, Massachusetts home. The center caters to children and their families while they undergo cancer treatment at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Pratt showed up in his full Star-Lord glory, and Evans opted to wear a Patriots jersey with Pratt's name on it, just to rub it in a little more. They reported visited with the kids for hours, and supplied goody bags with loot from Marvel and Disney.

According to a spokeswoman for the charity, Joyce Duvall, "The kids were so excited. Both of the Chrises [Evans and Pratt] really played with the kids. There was no media here at all -- it was just about the kids ... All of the little kids had Captain America shields [and] Chris Evans was egging them on to fight Chris Pratt!"

So awesome!

And just because these guys are seriously good people, they plan to make another to trip to Seattle Children's in the near future -- Pratt's charity of choice.

Does this totally warm your heart?


Image via Chris Pratt/Facebook

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