Bobbi Kristina Brown's Family Falls Apart As They Wait for Her to Improve

Bobbi KristinaNo doubt it is a very stressful time in the Brown family right now, what with Bobbi Kristina Brown still in the hospital and fighting for her life. That could explain why police were called to a nearby Atlanta hotel where her family is staying, reportedly because two of her relatives got into a brawl.


According to police, Bobby's sister, Tina, struck her son, Shayne, in the head with a bottle and Shayne was bloodied. Shayne reportedly drove himself to the hospital, while Tina fled the scene before cops could arrive.

The police told US Weekly:

The motive of the fight is unclear at this time. Mr. Shayne Brown received lacerations to his head. A police report is being generated.

Wow, this comes right on the heels of Bobby Brown denying that anyone in his family was fighting! Previously, there were rumors that Nick Gordon, who may or may not be Bobbi Kristina's husband, had been kicked out of the hospital. Since we haven't heard anything about Nick lately, this latest report makes you wonder if Bobby is trying to cover up a lot of strife in the family.

The last thing this family needs now is more drama, but I imagine having a child just barely hanging on to life is going to cause some friction. Relatives may be disagreeing on a whole host of matters, including whether or not to keep her on life support.

This is sad. The family needs to pull together right now and stay peaceful for the sake of Bobbi. Hopefully, this was just a momentary flare-up caused by extreme stress, and the family will continue to support each other through this very difficult time.

Here's the 911 call.


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