Scott Disick's Rumored 'Tell-All' Book Is the Kardashians' Worst Nightmare

Considering the Kardashians are entering the 10th season of their wildly popular reality show and are on the cover of just about every tabloid in the country on a weekly basis, you'd think there wouldn't be any dirty laundry left for someone to hold against them. You'd think. But according to OK!, Scott Disick might be writing a tell-all book, since he's apparently over being treated like a second-class citizen.


The tabloid's source says:

Scott wants revenge for all the crap he's endured. He's told Kourtney that if she tries to take the kids and their money, he'll let loose enough information to humiliate her and take down her entire family!

Among the scandalous revelations he wants to unleash? That Kourtney is manipulative and vicious, and Khloe binge eats.

According to the report, Kim and Kanye are safe because Scott looks at them as a "power couple."

(Sounds more like Scott just doesn't want a beat-down from Kanye.)

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Those tidbits, while juicy, seem like small potatoes in comparison to bigger secrets he could blow on the family. I mean, has anyone ever really gotten the warm fuzzies from Kourtney? Like ever? There must be all sorts of info Scott could use to bring her down if he really wanted to.

This guy definitely has a lot to be angry about. Yes, he has benefited from the Kardashian family's lavish lifestyle, but if anyone is going to be called out on the show for bad behavior, it's him. He's not squeaky clean, but I can't think of the last time there was any sort of positive Scott storyline on KUWTK, can you?

Plus, the Take spin-off series forced him to return to the Hamptons, a power move that sent him into a depression spiral because he had no choice but to confront his feelings about his parents' deaths before he was ready.

On the other hand, a tell-all about the Kardashians would not exactly win him the Father of the Year award with Mason, Penelope, and Reign. They may not know what it means now, but they certainly will in years to come.

Tread lightly, Scott. Tread lightly.

Would you buy Scott Disick's tell-all book?

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