Kendall Jenner's Bare Butt Photo Is So Mind-Blowing We Can't Look Away

Kendall Jenner

Holy sh**. After seeing Kendall Jenner's new topless photo in Love magazine, in which her breasts suddenly appear to have doubled in size overnight, we assumed she and Kim Kardashian must be in some sort of contest to see which one of them can legitimately break the Internet once and for all.


And while Kim's new derriere photo coupled with her latest full frontal shot are certainly major contenders, Kendall's bare butt pic, in which she's basically mounting a fully naked male model, clearly takes home the title of the most provocative photo we've seen yet.

Warning -- you can't un-see this.


BAM. I mean ... REALLY?!?

I know Kendall is 19, making her adult enough to pose for a suggestive pic like this without anyone getting arrested, but still, it just seems so ... over-the-top?

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Granted, we can't fully see her butt or anything, but the fact that she's slapping her booty while perched on top of a naked dude is definitely enough to leave our jaws on the floor.

But let's forget about her butt and touch on her insanely huge boobs one more time, shall we? This photo shoot was clearly meant to be some sort of "work of art" or whatever, but why did Kendall have to be given fake, bigger ta-tas to make it work? Aren't people kind of into the whole "natural" thing these days? 

Hmm. Apparently not.

Did this picture of Kendall shock you?


Image via Splash News

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