Kris Jenner's Crazy Reaction to Bruce Jenner's Sex Change Is Really Sad

It's hard to believe that with all of the rumors about Bruce Jenner's sex change, his ex-wife Kris Jenner didn't have a clue something was up for all of these years. But reportedly Kris was totally blindsided. Not only that, she is very, very upset about it. RadarOnline even says that Kris recently called up Bruce and drunkenly slurred her disapproval over the phone. (Because drunk texting is just not as effective!)


Kris apparently thinks that Bruce's transition is all just a "vendetta against her" because of her success. Erm, yeah, Kris, it's alllll about you! Bruce is willing to erase his manhood just to irritate you!

The source says:

Kris seems to think Bruce has a secret vendetta against her for being so successful, and that he is attempting to ruin her reputation. This reaction isn’t surprising at all for Bruce, because Kris always makes everything about her. Kris has even instructed her daughter Kylie to not mention Bruce’s name in her house!

Hm, well, no matter how upset Kris might be, and she has every right to feel confused and even angry, I doubt she told Kylie not to mention Bruce in the house. Say what you will about Kris, she doesn't seem like the type who is going to deny her children a relationship with their father, no matter what sex he wants to be.

But I do hope that Kris isn't hitting the sauce too hard these days. Finding out the man you married has been keeping a huge secret like this all of these years can be absolutely crushing, but booze won't help the situation. In fact, it often just makes it worse.


Image via Getty Images Entertainment

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