Kate Middleton Throws Pregnancy Curve Ball to the World

kate middleton

Well, well, well. What do we have here? After all this talk of Prince William and Kate Middleton having a girl, it looks like the royal couple may not know the sex of their baby after all. According to E! News, the palace revealed that the Duke and Duchess are waiting to find out baby number two's gender. 


This of course could simply be a ploy to keep Prince George's little sibling a secret, but I could definitely see William and Kate not wanting to learn their baby's sex. You know, because I know them so well and all.

For many women, including myself, part of the desire to find out what you're having stems from the need (want) to prepare. What sort of clothes will you need? What color should you paint the nursery? What name will you choose? For someone like Kate -- a woman who has anything and everything at her beck and call -- this really isn't an issue. No matter if the nursery isn't complete once he or she arrives -- someone can take care of that for her.

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Then again, if Kate's a planner/Type-A kind of lady, she very well may know what she's having. But all this talk of it being a girl who the couple is set to name Diana? That seems a little far-fetched to me. I mean, sure, this could happen, but why in their right mind would they let information like that leak?

For the record, I remain skeptical. 

Do you think Kate's having a boy or girl?

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