Randy Quaid's Weird Sex Video Couldn't Be More Sad (WATCH)

Hey, remember when Randy Quaid was that cool actor who appeared in awesome movies like The Last Picture Show, Midnight Express, Independence Day, and Brokeback Mountain? Yeah, well, he's changed. A lot. Not sure what happened to Randy, who is Dennis Quaid's older brother. But he appears to have gone off the deep end. His latest "movie" was a YouTube video in which he dons a Rupert Murdoch mask, and, well, you really have to see for yourself.


Randy, who has made some crazy ranty videos before, this time claims in his latest rant that a Warner Brothers executive stole his house, and that Warner Brothers had him arrested "six times by TMZ." I have no idea what that means. I don't think anyone does.

Randy then dons a Rupert Murdoch mask, and, well, there's really no way to describe it. Okay, yes, there is. He bangs his wife doggy style. But don't worry! This video stops before it gets too gross. You'll just see the ranting part. Check it out:

Quaid and his wife, Evi, live in Canada, where they fled after facing charges in the US for vandalism and burglary.

Hey, Canada, you gave us Justin Bieber. We gave you Randy Quaid. You still got the better deal.


Image via E Quaid/YouTube

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