Bruce Jenner Reveals Which Sex He'll Date & It's ... Complicated

Bruce JennerWe're all fascinated with Bruce Jenner's transition to a woman and the myriad questions this will pose. We'll have to wait for Diane Sawyer to ask them before we get anything definite, but until then we have lots of juicy rumors! First, we heard that Bruce would be called Belinda after his transition. Now, RadarOnline is reporting who Bruce will date ... or, more specifically, which sex. Any guesses?


According to a source, Bruce will not switch teams and start dating men. The insider says:

It is quite complicated. A lot of people think that his transformation has to do with the fact that he wants to have sex with men. If that was why he was doing this, then he would just come out as a gay man. Bruce is not gay. He did not have sex with men while he was with Kris, and he does not have sex with men now.

Well, that must be somewhat of a relief to Kris. As shocking as it reportedly was for her to learn that Bruce wants to become Belinda, it would probably be incredibly painful if he came out too. That would certainly be one way for her to feel like the entire marriage was a lie.

But the source stresses that Bruce isn't exactly a lesbian either. The source says that Bruce "loved to be with women in the past," but right now "sex is the furthest thing from Bruce's mind."

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Wow, that must be tough. On the one hand, Bruce feels he was born the wrong sex. But on the other, he doesn't want to be with men. And on still the other, he doesn't want to be a lesbian.

That leaves cat lady, y'all.

Hey, just a joke. We've got to lighten up a little, don't we?

I'm sure Bruce will figure it all out. There's no need for him to rush. He will find someone who loves him for his soul, not what's between his legs.


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