Kate Middleton Is Freaking Out Over Pippa's Hot Bikini Pics

pippa middleton

Recently, pics of Pippa Middleton in a bikini hit the web. The shots were from the Middleton clan's annual trip to the private island of Mustique, and if you haven't seen them, lemme just tell you: Pippa looks unbelievable in them. Now it's being reported, though, that the Duchess (and the Queen!) is not happy with Pip's bathing suit photos. In fact, the royal family is concerned that topless photos of Pippa may be the next to leak!


According to the not super reliable website Celebrity Dirty Laundry, the Queen and Kate are embarrassed by the skimpy nature of Pippa's swim attire. The site is also reporting that Camilla Parker-Bowles suspects a topless photo of Pippa will soon follow suit. 

Now, I typically don't believe hyperbolic websites like CDL, but if there's a shred of truth to this nonsense, I have three letters for you: W, T, and F. If Pippa can't wear a bikini -- of any size -- while on a tropical vacation with her family, where can she wear one? Also, Camilla -- just no. No need to stir the pot even more by speculating that half-nude pics of Kate's sister are out there. (Though, for the record, wouldn't be super shocking if that was the case.)

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Even though it's seriously inadvisable, people are always going to snap clandestine photos of people in the royal family when they can. So, either the queen and the rest of the crew can get used to it, or everyone ought to be permanently clothed in turtlenecks and pants -- even if they are in 90-degree weather. 

Do you think Kate is mad about Pippa's photos?

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