Anna Duggar Blasted for Controversial Black History Month Tweet

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One of the Duggars is in a bit of trouble for what was posted on Twitter regarding Black History Month. Guess who? It's hard to believe Anna Duggar is under fire for her controversial pro-life re-tweet. She is being called ignorant and "so not full of Christian love" after using #blacklivesmatter to condemn abortion.


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Anna is married to Josh Duggar and she's currently gestating baby number four, possibly also baby number five (twins?). We already know the Duggar stance on abortion -- this should come as no surprise. But her re-tweet of a post by the Radiance Foundation (which shares many of the Duggar values) has caused some to lash out at the expectant mom. It reads: "Because of the violence of abortion over 16 million black people are history." Some feel it's "offensive" and "disgusting" and then there was this tweet: "You have no idea of the struggles and heartache of being African American has been and is how hard it is to get people to accept black history month as a month in general."

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I can't help but feel that Anna was just trying to voice (or tweet) her opinion that all lives matter and that no one should get an abortion. She lives within that Duggar bubble -- a bubble with a lot of strong opinions including a pro-life stance. She read the tweet, thought This will spread across the twitterverse and those with like-minds will share, and so she re-tweeted it. It may have been that simple. The issue seems to be that many don't like those with the Duggar view -- conservatives -- to use #blacklivesmatter to further their agenda.

Are you offended by Anna's re-tweet? Why or why not?


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