Kim Kardashian's New Full Frontal Nude Photo Is So Explicit It'll Make You Gasp

Kim Kardashian

Guess what, kids? In what is probably the least shocking move she's ever made, Kim Kardashian went full-frontal nude again, and this time the pic is even more jaw-dropping than the one that tried to break the Internet in Paper magazine. Wait until you see the leaked nude photo of Kim in Love magazine -- it'll totally blow your mind.


Don't worry, it's ok if you're totally speechless after seeing that shot. Um ... while the Paper magazine photo was definitely shocking, this one is just so much more ... in our faces?

It's like, OMG there are Kim's boobs and vag and can someone please give us the number of the person who does her Brazilians, because he/she is totally on point as far as removing EVERYTHING goes.

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And can we please talk about her insane spray tan in this shot? Man. It makes the baby oil (or whatever is slathered all over her body) glisten even more, which really adds to the wow-factor of the pic, don't you think?

However, if Kim is hoping this new shoot will succeed at breaking the Internet once and for all, she's probably in for a rude awakening. At this point, we're getting so accustomed to seeing her in the buff, odds are good that people will quickly forget about the photo as soon as the next issue of the magazine is printed.

Do you think this picture is more shocking than Kim's last nude photo?


Image via Splash News

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