Kendall Jenner's Breasts Are Suddenly Bigger Than Kim's in New Topless Photo

kendall jenner

Dude. What is going on with the Kardashian-Jenner family lately? They've all but become a nudist colony. Kim first bared everything in Paper magazine a few weeks ago; then dropped trou again in Love. And now her little sister Kendall is following in her footsteps. That's right, Kendall Jenner is topless in the new issue of Love, also!


Check it out:

Beautiful shot, but, um, is it just me or do those boobs look significantly bigger than what Kendall's normally look like? You know, in clothes. I mean, I suppose those could be real, but I don't ever recall Kendall looking so ... well-endowed.

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Kendall has a career as a high fashion model, so these photos are kind of par for the course in that world. But it's definitely a little strange that they're coming out the same time as Kim's latest nudey pics. Although, now that I think about ... is it? I mean, seeing Kim naked or half-dressed seems kind of par for the course these days, also. 

Kendall looks smokin' hot in these artsy shots, but this boob pic is bound to raise a few questions. I don't think she went under the knife, but those girls have to be prosthetic, right? I mean, look at Kendall here:

kendall jenner

Much different. 

Oh well. The Kardashian-Jenners are nothing if not masters of getting the world to talk and wonder about them -- so, well-played, Kendall. Well-played indeed. Can't wait to see what this family has up their collective sleeve next. 

Do you think Kendall's boobs are real in that shot?

Images via Kendall Jenner/Instagram

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