6 New 'Twilight' Movies Highlight Fans' Obsession With One Character

twilightHey Twilight fans? Are you still out there? It's been over two years, if you can believe it, since the highly anticipated release of Breaking Dawn: Part 2, the final film installment of the Twilight series, yet for whatever reason, fans do not want to let this franchise die. Proof? Six brand-new Twilight mini-movies will be coming out, and Entertainment Weekly revealed the winning screenplays after female writers and directors submitted their script ideas for the short films.


Lionsgate, Women in Film, Facebook, Volvo, and author Stephenie Meyer created The Storytellers: New Voices of Twilight Saga project, and a quick summary for all six final screenplays are brought to you by EW. Amazingly, 1,200 submissions had to be read to find these winners. Enjoy!

The Groundskeeper” by Sarah Turi Boshear follows Alice and the events that led to her becoming a vampire.

Sunrise” by Alanna Smith tells Benjamin’s story.

Turncoats” by Lindsey Hancock Williamson is about Garrett and Carlisle during the Revolutionary War.

The Mary Alice Brandon File” by Kailey and Sam Spear focuses on Alice’s human life before she became a vampire.

Consumed” by Cullyn Doerfler & Megan L. Reese tells Jane and Alec’s story.

We’ve Met Before” by Thea Green is all about Alice and Jasper’s first meeting.

Wow, looks like you all are pretty obsessed with Alice's backstory, huh? Half of them are about her!

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Check out Tongal’s contest page to download and read the full screenplays. Fans are still waiting on the announcement about the directors, but it's still exciting to see how the project is coming to life. It's been a long time and you desperately need your Twilight fix!

Think Ashley Greene would be up for reprising a role that fans clearly can't get enough of? Time can only tell. After the directors are chosen, the movies will be produced and posted to Facebook. It sure will be interesting to see what everyone can come up with!

Which screenplay summary seemed most intriguing to you?


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