Bruce Jenner's New Name Revealed but It's Not What We Expected

Now that it's pretty much all but 100 percent confirmed that Bruce Jenner is becoming a woman -- with even his mom admitting that it's true -- people have had just ONE thing on their minds. And no, it's got nothing to do with his privates! Have some respect, people! It's about his NAME. Surely, he will not continue to be called Bruce, will he? Well, Star magazine has the scoop on what Bruce wants to be called from now on. And it's a name that is expected in one way, but totally unexpected in another!


According to the latest issue of Star (say what you will about this tabloid, it DID call Bruce's transformation ages ago), Bruce now wants to be called Belinda.

There had been rumors in the past that Bruce would change his name to Bridget, but Star says this source is solid, and Belinda it is.

Of course, it's rather expected that Bruce would choose a name similar to his own, and one that starts with a "B." That way, he doesn't have to change his monogrammed towels, amiright?

But what's sort of strange about the name is that Linda is the name of his ex-wife, Linda Thompson (mother of Brody and Brandon).

And when you dice the name Belinda, it's "Be" "Linda." You'd think a guy wouldn't want to be reminded of his ex-wife every day.

Star also says that Kris Jenner didn't take the news well at all, despite the fact that she was aware of his gender orientation issues before they even got married. Apparently he'd been talking about becoming a woman before they married, but Kris was determined to have a "trophy husband" and talked him out of the transformation. Hey, always blame the wife, right?!

Personally, I have compassion for Kris. The idea that she knew exactly what she was getting herself into, I don't necessarily believe. People like to think the wives always know all of a husband's deep, dark secrets, but that is absolutely not true at all. If Kris had no idea about this, I really feel for her.

As for Belinda, there are lots of pretty names Bruce could have chosen, but this one seems to fit the bill ... linda.

Do you like his new name?

Image via London Entertainment/Splash News

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