Kim Kardashian's 'Blow-Up Doll' Pic Is Just As Weird As It Sounds

kim kardashian

With every day that passes, Kim Kardashian gets more intriguing. Or, eh, something like that. In her latest photo spread -- the one for Love magazine -- Kim can be seen spooning a blow-up doll. And, yes, it's as weird as it sounds. 


Feast your eyes on Kim's latest and greatest, folks:

It's certainly interesting and much different from Kim's typical bombshell photographs. In fact, from what we've seen, Kim's entire Love spread is way more artsy than usual for her. The pics definitely won't be everyone's cup of tea, but props to Kanye for making her branch out her for branching out. (In addition to the blow-up doll shot, there are pics of Kim sitting in a phone booth with a coat draped over her head and, of course, the [other] bare butt shot.)

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Like I said, I respect Kim's attempts to rebrand herself as a fashion icon with all of these avant garde shoots she's doing lately. But a small part of me wonders if a bunch of people sat around in a room and tried to think of the most ridiculous things they could make Kim do simply for shits and gigs. 

The world may never know. 

What do you think of Kim's photos?

Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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