New Prince Charles Biography Makes Startling Claim About Princess Diana

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Anyone who has remotely followed history over the past few decades knows all too well that their relationship was anything but warm and loving, but a new biography claims that Prince Charles' marriage to Princess Diana was almost called off -- by none other than Prince Charles himself.


In Charles: Heart of a King, author Catherine Mayer explains how on the night before their nuptials, Prince Charles told a royal aide, "I can't go through with it ... I can't do it."

Supposedly his doubts stemmed from the realization that Diana was "not the jolly country girl he had assumed" and was instead someone he deemed to be "complicated, vulnerable, and suffering from an eating disorder."

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The aide is quoted in saying:

I always told him afterwards that if it had been a Catholic marriage, it could have been declared null. Because he wasn't really [committed] because she started with the bulimia and everything before the wedding.

Wait, it gets even more alarming.

Apparently Charles wasn't the only one who got a case of cold feet right before walking down the aisle. The biography also indicates that Diana knew all too well that Charles only had eyes for Camilla, and even found a bracelet that was supposed to be a gift to her engraved with the initials "GF." Charles' and Camilla's pet names for each other were "Gladys" and "Fred," which led Diana to believe the token was meant for Charles' true love.

If you go back and watch video footage from the royal wedding, it's quite obvious that poor Diana looked reluctant and a bit panicked throughout the ceremony, but whoever would've guessed that Charles basically had to be talked into marrying her?

Ugh. Can you even imagine the intense pressure the two of them must have been under, especially now that we know that neither one of them actually wanted to go through with it?

Given how tragically Diana's life ended, and the fact that Charles and Camilla are now together, it would be easy to take these new claims as a sign that the wedding probably never should have happened in the first place. But if nothing else, the legacy that came out of the marriage with Princes William and Harry and now little Prince George and his future sibling just goes to show that something positive definitely came out of this union, whether they had to be coaxed into it or not. Isn't it funny how things have a way of happening for a reason?

Are you surprised that Prince Charles was hesitant to marry Diana?


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