Music Stars Read Mean Tweets Just in Time for the Grammys (VIDEO)

musicians read mean tweetsThere's nothing like a good dose of celebrities reading mean tweets, isn't there? From actors to NFL players, it seems that these rich, famous, beautiful people take the mean stuff that's said about them online in stride, even cracking up at their creativity. Now the newest addition, featuring music stars reading mean tweets, has hit the Internet, and it's as good as the rest of them.


Jimmy Kimmel Live's Mean Tweets are always good for a chuckle. In honor of the Grammys, famous faces in music, from Britney Spears to fresh-off-Super-Bowl fame Katy Perry to Wiz Khalifa to Lady Gaga were able to read some of the really mean shit said about them for our listening pleasure for a segment that aired on Monday, February 2.

You gotta check out what someone supposedly said about Jason Aldean and his sister. Sooooo wrong! Yet hilarious.

Sure, some of them were met with an awkward silence, but oh man, who else forgot about Psy until he showed up at the very end there? At least he was a good sport about it and got the final say. And now hopefully you don't have "Gangnam Style" stuck in your noggin until the End Times. Damnit!

Even if these tweets were "created" just for this segment, who cares? They're still funny and entertaining and hopefully bring these celebrities back down to Earth ... even if it's just for five seconds. Keep 'em comin', Kimmel!

What has been your ultimate favorite mean tweet that a celeb has read?


Image via Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

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