Bruce Jenner's Interview With Diane Sawyer Will Officially Confirm His Transition

Bruce JennerEver since Bruce Jenner's transition into a woman has been confirmed (for those of you still in denial, even his mom now says it's happening!), we've been wondering when Bruce himself (not Kim!) is going to speak out. Well, we now have the answer, thanks to US Weekly. The tab confirms that Brucie will sit down with none other than Diane Sawyer to talk about his sex change.


A source close to the newscaster told the magazine:

Diane has always been very supportive of the LGBT community. She has been honored by GLAAD.

You can be sure that every single major newscaster was trying to bag an interview with Bruce, so this is quite a coup for Diane. Also, it will be nice (albeit somewhat shocking) to have Bruce finally discuss his decision and confirm what we all may have suspected but didn't know whether to believe -- especially since Bruce and Kris were denying it to the press!

The interview will reportedly happen in May. Should be quite fascinating. Questions Diane will most likely pose include when he began feeling he was truly a woman, how this affected his marriage, how his children handled the news, and where he is in his process. I am just dying to know what name he will pick! (We've heard Bridget -- is that true?)

Sources say that Bruce is also currently filming a documentary about his transition with E! Entertainment. Amazing how Bruce has managed to upstage his children, eh?

At Bruce's age, he could have easily slipped into his elderly years without ever attempting such an enormously life-altering change. So good for him. It's never too late to be yourself!


Image via Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment

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