Kim Kardashian's Latest Leaked Butt Photo Might Break the Internet After All

Kim KardashianIf there's one thing Kim Kardashian loves more than selfies it's her butt. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star just loves showing off her naked hiney, and the latest issue of LOVE magazine is no exception. Pictures have leaked, and Kim's naked butt is featured in all of its sizable glory.


The U.K. magazine's Spring/Summer 2015 edition will reportedly prominently feature Kardashian, along with her sister Kendall Jenner, and model Cara Delevingne. No word on what levels of dress the others will be in.

But this picture. Holy crap, this picture -- is insane. It almost doesn't even look like Kim? And honestly, it seems a little out of character. I mean, not the whole baring her bottom thing, we're used to that by now, but the black and white glossy is at a weird (artistic?) angle, and her outfit is bizarre.

She's bare-bummed, of course, but she's wearing some sort of jacket, and high heels with socks. Plus she's bent over, rear facing the camera, and looking behind her shoulder like she's daring the reader to look at her ass -- as if there were anywhere else to look. Oh, and she's smoking a cigarette, which of course isn't a crime, but doesn't complaining about secondhand smoke just seem like something Kim Kardashian would do?

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Apparently, the mag will feature 30 pages of Mrs. Kanye West in various states of dress when it hits newsstands on February 9. Her bleached eyebrows should also make an appearance, if rumors are to be believed. We do know she'll be somewhat covered up, as the outfits were custom made for her by Miucca Prada.

We get it, Kim. You're proud of your body, and you should be -- it's pretty rocking. We just wish we didn't have to see quite so much of it, quite so often.

Are you surprised Kim is barely it all again for another magazine?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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